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Pupil wellbeing and behaviour

We supported pupil wellbeing by building praise into our remote education offer

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Headteacher Dean Buckley shares how his school is supporting their pupils’ wellbeing while they learn from home through praise, such as PROUD Thursday Online events where students email their work in and receive positive, congratulatory comments and a certificate.

Rising strong after lockdown – supporting the whole school community

Child drawing

Trust Leader, Matt, and Headteacher, Anna, share how their recovery programme has reduced parents’ concerns, created a welcoming environment for pupils and strengthened their community of schools.

How a tailored programme can help schools reopen

Child drawing

Embark Federation led a Reconnection to Recovery and Resilience programme which focused on the social, emotional and mental health needs of children and staff. Three members of staff reflect on the preparation taken to reopen using the programme which is expected to impact 4 million children.

Establishing an education that goes beyond the classroom

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Group of children from Gooseacre Primary celebrating being at the top of Mam Tor.

As part of our enrichment series which looks at the work happening in schools to support the development of a child’s character and resilience, Libby Nicholas, CEO of Astrea Academy Trust, shares their approach and why she believes education that goes beyond the classroom helps every pupil to fly.

Anti-bullying: the cornerstone of our school - Part 3

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Discover how St Mary and St Thomas' CE Primary School has used the Anti-Bullying Alliance All Together programme to not just refresh their current practice but also engage with parents; educating them in identifying the signs of bullying and helping to prevent bullying behaviours at home as well.